Corporate Statement

Mission of the Trust Fund

The mission of the Trust Fund is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the 52 Resettlement Communities through the carrying out of socio-economic projects such as provision of educational, social, health and sanitation facilities, reliable and potable water supply as well as economic empowerment through income generating activities.

Vision of the Trust Fund

The Trust Fund’s vision is to be the Pacesetter in Providing Socio-Economic Empowerment to Resettlement Communities in West Africa.


  1. Commitment – Total dedication to the task of catering for the resettlement communities to improve their conditions of living while ensuring that VRA has the peace required to focus on its core business
  2. Respect – High regard for the people from the resettlement communities as fellow human beings and as clients without whom the Trust Fund would not be in existence
  3. Responsiveness – Our awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of our clients

Objective of the Fund

The objective of the Fund is that it shall be used for the social and welfare projects and other needs of direct benefit to the 52 resettlement townships in the following areas:

  1. Environmental amelioration
  2. Social welfare.
  3. Health
  4. Education.
  5. Water and sanitation.
  6. Economic development


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