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When the VRA Resettlement Trust Fund was set up, one of its priority areas was the provision of basic needs projects to enhance the living standards of the settlers. The projects areas ranged from Educational Projects, Health Facilities, Social Facilities, Water and Sanitation. The projects implemented are community driven in that the various townships submit their project needs every year based on priority, and the Board of Trustees does a further prioritization of all requests submitted and then selects projects to be implemented in a particular year.

Formerly, the funds received from VRA for such projects were allocated to the communities based on the common fund formula. It was later realized over the years that the smaller communities were being neglected due to their sizes and population. This brought about the need to consolidate the funds and use it for project implementation based on needs assessment and irrespective of size and population.

In line with the policy framework of the VRA Resettlement Trust Fund regarding the needs of the resettlement communities, The Board of Trustees normally meets once in every quarter to consider requests that the communities have submitted to the Secretariat be they requests for projects, interventions in conflict situations and other challenges being faced by the people. The quarterly meetings also create the forum for reviewing conditions affecting the communities.

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